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Kate Horgan Bespoke Books is recommended by the Sunday Business Post

Press cutting from newspaper recommending Kate Horgan Bespoke Books from November 2017

I was delighted to make an appearance yesterday in the Sunday Business Post magazine’s  ‘This Week’ section. I spent many years happily freelancing for the Post, covering politics, arts, tech and more. When I started out, I was shooting black and white film – printed at home in my flat – and colour slides. Sometimes the job involved shooting both at the same time (#tricky). The Post then moved to using colour print film, and the job got easier as the heavy lifting was done by photo labs like Hackett’s while we photographers went for coffee! By the time I left, digital cameras were the norm.

The Business Post photographic style was known from the start for being innovative and imaginative, and my colleagues included some of Ireland’s best photographers, such as Tony O’Shea, David Farrell and Inpho. Nowadays the  paper continues this tradition with photographers such as Maura Hickey and ace portraitist Barry Cronin.

Thanks to Nadine O’Regan for the piece.

By the way, the picture used is a selection of my childhood photos from Galway, Wicklow, Kent and (rather exotically) Venice, taken with my first camera – a Kodak Instamatic . Did any of you own an Instamatic too?