Consent request for data processing

This is an email you will receive when you choose to become a Kate Horgan Bespoke Books client. It is reproduced here to answer any concerns you may have about data privacy.

“As you may know, the EU has recently been tightening up data protection laws a lot, in order to protect individuals.

Because of this, I need your consent in order to use and store the material you send me in the process of making a book – all the photos, written material and emails that make up the book and our communications around the making of the book. I would like to safely store this material for a period of three years, in case you decide to do anything further with the material, or want to have a book re-printed during this time.

I also need your consent to use and store your contact details (name, email address, phone number, and home address if included). I would like to also retain these details for three years.

At the end of the three-year period I will ask whether you would like me to keep storing the material or whether you’d like me to delete it.

You may refuse this consent at any time, even if you first agree when you get this email.

You may ask me to delete any or all of your data at any time.

You make ask me to provide you with copies of any or all of your data at any time.

I will not be doing anything with your data other than storing it, with one exception: I may ask you if I can use a small sample (such as a photo or quote) in promoting my business in future, via my website or social media. I will never do this without your advance permission.

If you are happy with my use of your data as outlined here, please reply to this email to tell me so. This is very important – if you do nothing, I cannot keep any of your data.

For further information on the Kate Horgan Bespoke Books privacy policy and how your data is handled, please see here.”